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Skin Cancer Examinations

A full body skin exam is the best way to detect any potential skin cancer early on. That’s why it’s important to get screened by a dermatologist on a regular basis. Our experienced dermatologists at My Skin provide comprehensive skin cancer examinations to safeguard your skin health.

Skin Cancer Examination St Pete

Full Body Exams

A full body exam by Dermatology Provider is vital for Early Skin Cancer Detection and Skin Cancer Prevention.

During the exam, your doctor will look at every inch of your skin, including your scalp, behind ears, face, mouth, arms, truck, nails, legs, bottoms of feet, and genital area.

If a lesion is suspicious, a skin biopsy will be done.

If a Pre-Skin Cancer Actinic Keratosis is found, it will be treated.

Any spots that have an unusual color, size, shape, or texture are check and treated.

Basal and squamous cell carcinoma are the most common skin cancers, while melanoma is the deadliest. With early detection and treatment, skin cancer has a high cure rate.

Who Should Get a Full Body Exam?

Everyone should get a full body exam at least once a year, even if they don't have any specific symptoms. This is because early detection of diseases is essential for successful treatment. Full body exams can help to identify any health problems early on, when they are often more treatable.

full body skin cancer exam st pete

What to Expect During your Skin Cancer Check

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