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Understanding Skin Tags: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options | My Skin

September 06, 20233 min read

Should You Worry About Skin Tags? A Guide to Diagnosis and Removal

Skin tags, often referred to as acrochordons in medicine, are tiny, benign growths that frequently develop on body parts where the skin rubs against one another or articles of clothing. Their colour ranges from flesh to somewhat darker shades, and their dimensions can range from a few millimetres to several centimetres.

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What are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are benign skin growths that usually appear on the neck, underarms, groyne, and around the eyes in places where there is rubbing or friction. Collagen fibres, blood arteries, and occasionally fat cells make up their composition.

Symptoms of Skin Tags

Skin tags are typically painless and asymptomatic. They have a tiny, soft, projecting growth-like appearance that is connected to the skin by a thin peduncle or stalk. Although they are normally not harmful, if they are continually touched or snagged by clothing or jewellery, they may occasionally become irritated or inflamed.

Causes of Skin Tags

Friction or rubbing between the skin and clothing or neighboring skin surfaces is thought to contribute to the development of skin tags, while the precise etiology of these lesions is yet unknown. These may also develop as a result of additional variables like ageing, obesity, heredity, and hormone changes.

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Addressing Skin Tags

There are several simple ways to get rid of skin tags, such as surgical excision, cryotherapy (freezing), cauterization (burning), or ligation (tying off with a string or suture). Even while over-the-counter products like lotions or solutions could promise to remove skin tags, it is advisable to see a dermatologist for a safe and efficient removal, particularly if the tag is situated in a sensitive location like the vaginal area or eyelids.

Remove Skin Tags Now! Schedule Your Consultation Today in St. Pete & Bradenton

Seeking professional advice for the removal of skin tags? Look no further! In St. Pete or Bradenton, our experienced dermatologists can provide personalized treatment options to address your skin tag concerns. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and say goodbye to unwanted skin tags for good.

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